Why a Watch is the perfect gift for a special celebration

Why a Watch is the perfect gift for a special celebration

A beautifully-crafted watch is an everlasting gift.

Whether you are thinking of gifting a wristwatch to mark a significant birthday or you want to celebrate an anniversary, these timepieces can be infused with meaning and display your affections. If you want to treat your loved one to a beautiful watch, here is a look at why it is the perfect gift for a special celebration.

1. Why you should give a watch

Ofcourse there are several reason why a watch makes a good gift. One of these is that they can be incredibly personal. When you're searching for the right watch to give, you'll know wheter you are looking for silver or gold, leather or metal. Watches are so special because they can be passed down through generations. Their sentimental value far outweighs their monetary value as they signify memories. 


2. Figure out Your Budget.

Yes we already know what you're thinking of "It is a present, should it matter?" Yes it matters! Do you want to have more for the same price? Then you can match one of our Minimal date dials with a bracelet instead of the Master Date Dial.


3. Consider how it will be Worn.

Another aspect that is just as important as taste is figuring out the watch's intended purpose. Will the gift be worn daily with a suit? Will it be a special occasion timepiece only? Or will it be used in more active environments with casual clothes? If you want to buy something really special for your beloved one, you can choose for the Master Date Boat deck Dial watches


4. Size it up for the Right look.

Wrists come in all shapes and sizes so not every watch will suit the person you're buying for. The average watch size ranges from about 34-44mm in case diameter and the guide to getting the right one is simple. For men or woman with thinner wrists, a 34-40mm case will suit best whilst more masculine and bigger men can often get away with case diameters of up to 46mm. We have two different options, the 38MM watches and the 45MM watches.


5. It's a Celebration! 

The celebration itself is significant, too. If you are opting to have the watch engraved, you may want to reflect the wedding anniversary or the birthday in the inscription. Giving a watch can be a beautiful way of showing you know, appreciate and care for someone. 


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