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Products with a meaning

Hooked Concepts delivers premium watches and accessoires, designed at our headquarters in the Netherlands. For everyone who is Hooked on something or someone, who has a passion or shares a special memory, inspired by a beautiful story, we set out to create accessory and watches of refined texture and nuanced form. With this mindset we are committed to you, to create beautiful timepieces.

Our design philosophy


With our watches we wanted to develop and create something new, no minimalistic design but a beautiful elegant yet with a tough edge mode.

Our watches are made of stainless steel and have a special Sapphire coated miniral crystal glass. Hooked Concepts watches come in four distinctive collections that can be mixed and matched with our bracelets and interchangeable straps. These unisex watches are available with a 38MM and a 45MM Case in four different colours; Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Matt Black. For us, it's all in the details. What makes our Minimal date watch dials so special? We've changed just a small detail and made the crown more oblique, but that small detail makes this watch so characteristic.

With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, innovation and uniqueness, Hooked Concepts has developed the Master Dial watches. These watches have a Japanese Quartz master date movement with a Day of the Week indicator, Date indicator and Seconds indicator. Like we said, it's all in the details!
The Bracelet Editions
Our accessories are designed to have the perfect piece for every person. Each bracelet contains a design element inspired by our beautiful story. A bracelet for every occasion matching with your watch, for the ultimate wristgame! Whether you are enjoying a sunny day at the beach club, going a night out in the city or attending a back-tie event, these bracelets are perfect for every occasion and any setting.

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