How to take care of my watch lens?

It can happen one day, you wear your favourite Hooked Watch and you came across something and get a scratch on your watch lens. OOPS! 

For watch lovers, a fresh scratch on an otherwise flawless lens is a devastating sight. The feeling can be even worse on a brand new watch. But before you send your tainted timepiece to a jewelry store nearby, you may want to consider a home remedy. 

The only five things you need to have is:

1. A polishing cloth 
2. Lens restoration polish: micron paste and a 2.5-micron paste
3. Microfibre cloth
4. Cotton swab

First, use a soft, dry microfibre cloth thoroughly clean the lens. Then apply the 3-micron paste onto the watch face with a cotton swab, then rub with a polishing cloth over the face in a circular motion, concentrating on the scratch. Wipe this off then repeat with the 2.5-micorn paste, rubbing it until the paste is entirely gone. 


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