One watch, so many different styles

One watch, so many different styles
Don't you just love it when with just a few changes, you can take something you already have and make it almost completely new?
Mix and Match your Hooked Concepts watch with every outfit! 
In the same way that you would not wear the same shirt or trousers every day, it's also possible to choose your watch and customize it to your daily outfit. A Hooked Concepts Milanese silver watch strap is perfect for a suit-and-tie business day! For the you have a casual look with a flowery dress? Then a Hooked Concepts watch with a Pink Pastel leather strap is the perfect one for this look! You can choose between two different materials for your watch strap: Metal and Leather!


How to change your straps?

With the quick release system its a matter of seconds to turn your watch into a whole new experience! Easily swap your strap out at home - no tools required. On every strap there is an easily click system.

1. Put the watch on the back, move the pinch on your strap. First remove one side from the watch housing and then the other strap.
2. Get your new watch strap and replace it. Put the pinch into the opening hole on the watch and then click it between the two sides. 
3. Repeat step two the same way for the second watch strap. Almost completely new right? 

Check out the how to video here!


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