Wrap it on!

Wrap it on!

A HOOKED bracelet is a fashion item you're supposed to wear the right way. Sometimes we see people wearing their bracelet way to loosen up. Let us help you tighten up your wristgame!

Step One: Get your favourite HOOKED bracelet and put the anchor or hook on your wrist. Now turn the bracelet strap three times around your wrist.



Step Two: Let's see. Try to close the strap by putting the loop over the anchor or hook. Does the bracelet fit this way, or is it too loos or tight around your wrist?


Get your bracelet off again. Adjust the length of the bracelet strap by moving the knot. Just like a necktie works. By moving the knot you'll get a longer or shorter strap.


Step Three: Try the bracelet on again, like you did in step one. See if the new length will fit your wrist this way. If not, repeat step one and two till it fits perfectly and tight around your wrist.


Happy wearing!




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